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Strength of eBay
Founded in September, 1995, eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY ; http://www. eBay .com) is the world¡¦s biggest online commerce platform providing marketplaces for the sale of goods and services for individuals and businesses alike.

By the third quarter of 2006, there are up to 230 million people registering with eBay; among these members 92 million are from overseas markets and 75 million are from the us itself. So far eBay has established online platforms in 36 marketplaces around the globe and is ranked Top 1 in 12 nations suck as England, the US, France, Germany, Australia, etc.

AC Nilson¡¦s 2006 market survey report indicates that as many as 12,000 eBay members in Taiwan utilize eBay as an external trading tool, proving that business marketing pattern has switched from traditional physical channels to virtual ones and that online platform is an important battlefield for enterprises.

The Cheapest Way to Enter into the Biggest Buyer¡¦s Markets
eBay has established online trading platforms in 36 marketplaces around the globe
eBay is ranked Top 1 in 12 nations suck as England, the US, France, Germany, Australia, etc.
The Most Direct Way to Get Customer Information
After advertising products online, you can do business with eBay members around the world without attending any trade shows.
The Quickest Way to Know Purchase Prices in Different Markets
You will know purchase prices of various products in different markets with information provided by eBay and other sellers.
You can better understand and control retail prices
The Fastest Way to Find Niches for Your Products
Use information about product life cycle and price differences on eBay platforms to rapidly find the most profitable prices and markets for your products.
To avoid competitions with other homogeneous products in your domestic market. Local products of low unit prices can still make high gross margins in overseas markets.
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